Decorative dividers






[divider style="circle" align="left|center|right"]






[divider style="square" align="left|center|right"]

Standard dividers

[divider style="line"]
[divider style="dashed"]
[divider style="double-line"]
[divider style="double-dashed"]

Plain (invisible) divider

[divider height=40]

Unlimited Colors!






You can even change the opacity…

[divider style="dashed" margin_top="20" opacity=".25" color="primary"]
[divider style="double" margin_top="20" opacity=".5" color="primary"]


[divider style="square" margin_top="20" opacity=".75" color="primary"]


[divider style="circle" margin_top="20" opacity="1" color="primary"]

Style Switcher




You can also upload your own background from the Admin Panel.

Highlight Color:


Best viewed within the shop.

You can also create your own highlight color from the Admin Panel.